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Please people be careful out there, Groomers have the right of way and run day or night.

November 13-2014
Here we go with the start of a new snowmobile season fast approaching. 33 degrees and light snow in the air with several inches on the ground, if it keeps this up we`ll have a great trail opening on December 1st. Stop by one of our monthly club meetings to learn about all the new trail reroutes and the all new trails into new communities that are in the works that will lead to new gas, food and lodging. Brushing is still going on and we could sure use your help, please call Jim at 231-487-0870 and he can tell you where and when. See you on the trail.




Did you know...
that it cost $5.13 to groom one mile of trail during the 2012-2013 season? If you divide that $5.13 into the $45 trail permit cost, you will see that after you have ridden 8.77 miles the $45 spent on the permit has been used up.


We need you
If your reading this and ride our trails, we need your help,we are in need of members. We are one of Michigans oldest clubs, forming in 1969, over the years membership has gone up and down, right now we have less than thirty members on the rolls and probably only twelve actually do all the work. Even if you can`t help all the time with brushing in the fall or grooming thru the winter, some help, when ever available would be more than welcome. If you can`t help physically your membership dues helps us do the things the DNR doesn`t help with. Again, if you like smooth trails, we need you, the trails don`t groom themselves.















































Club News!

The new trail into Petoskey IS OPEN! It goes from our clubhouse trailhead (on the corner of Cedar Valley Rd. and Evergreen Trail) to the Odawa Casino just south of Petoskey. The trail has a few road crossings, including having to cross US-131 at Lears Rd.  PLEASE use extreme caution when crossing any road. STAY ON THE TRAIL and obey traffic signals. Safety first.

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